VoIP systems can support a virtual office

A lack of physical office space is one of the tougher challenges small businesses face on a daily basis. Ultimately, there's only so much an organization can do inside the walls of its headquarters, and in the small business realm, resources are limited and real estate is always at a premium. A company may be ready to hire new talent but can't because of a lack of physical space in the office. With a VoIP system, this problem can be mitigated.

VoIP systems provide the flexibility startup companies need to expand at their own pace. With VoIP, employees have the opportunity to work remotely. Rather than coming into the office every day and using the company's desks, computers and phones, users can connect to the company VoIP system. They will have a corporate phone number and can utilize the company's IT resources as well.

The virtual office is a popular concept in the small business sphere, particularly among startups, but it can compromise the legitimacy of an organization. People want to know that the companies they do business with are true organizations – something that can be attained with VoIP.

"With a system like this, your company's customers need never know that you work from your dining room table," states a recent article in The IT Donut.  

As personal landline phones are becoming increasingly obsolete, one of the major advantages of current VoIP systems is that they can integrate with mobile devices. An employee can even connect to the office system if they are on the go. 

This is just one of the many reasons why small business VoIP systems are an ideal solution. Implementing a new system can expand your company's capabilities, so contact Telecom Solutions Inc. today to obtain the right system for your needs.