Telephone Systems | Getting Started | Cloud or Premise

How to choose the best Telephone System to meet your demanding needs?  Look to TSI to help you find customizable, scalable and affordable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Business Telephone Systems.

We understand the need for reliable, uninterrupted service. Telephone Systems have changed dramatically in recent years. Many Colorado businesses look to us to help them navigate available options, which are often complicated and difficult to understand.

We help businesses in and around Colorado Springs and the Denver area to determine if Cloud-based or Premise-based Telephone Systems via VoIP technology is in their best interests. If your needs are basic, then traditional phone services are often all you need. In either case we implement the most cost-effective services to meet your needs.


old-typical-phoneWhat type of Telephone System should I choose?

Telephone Systems for Business come primarily in two flavors.  Premise Based and Cloud or Hosted.  We will briefly describe each one along with a few of the pro’s and con’s of each one.

Premise Based

Premise Based telephone systems are simply that.  The Brains or hardware that controls all functionality resides on your premises.  Many of you may have seen the big box hanging on the wall or sitting on the floor full of circuits boards.

These are usually purchased outright with the hopes that they will “live” a long time and or not become obsolete before you get your money’s worth.  Good quality systems should last anywhere from 10-20 years.

Today these systems are typically much smaller being nothing more than a software driven network device.  About the size of a small Firewall or Ethernet switch.

Cloud or Hosted

Hosted Telephone Systems are based in the “Cloud”, somewhere other than your premise.  The “Cloud” refers to a data center (hopefully secure with redundancy built-in).  These Data Centers can be located anywhere in the world or maybe even in your town.

Since the “brains” are located elsewhere, you never actually own the system.  You pay a monthly fee to use the service being provided.  In some cases you may buy or rent that actual telephones themselves.  Check out this Presentation for full details

Similarities between the two

There are many similarities between both types of system.  Both are very feature rich with many of the more popular features being standard today. Some of the more popular calling features today are: Voice Mail to Email, Find me Follow me – allows calls to ring your desk, mobile device or even home phone simultaneously.  Visual Voice mail – allows you to view your voice mails to determine which are most important, Multiple Auto Attendants with multiple menus such as Day/Night and Holiday or Weather.  Mobility Apps for your Mobile Device allow you to perform many or all of the same tasks you can from your desk phone on our Mobile device.  Your TSI rep can fill you in on others or feel free to ask here for more information.


Because both options offer basically the same features in many cases it gets down to owning the System or Paying monthly to use one.  Performing and ROI analysis is the best way to determine which is better for you.

In most cases today you will likely have to pay for renewal of licenses and or some type of ongoing fee for management of the new Premise based system.  Be sure to ask about this up front.

Cloud Telephone Systems do not require Phone lines as they simply use your Internet Connection to communicate to the world.  You can keep all of your numbers.  Installation and set up is generally very quick, maybe in a matter of days.  Keep in mind if you have to move or Port numbers from your current phone service provider to the Cloud provider, this may take a little longer.


Reliability of your new VoIP system depends on primarily three factors

  1. The quality of your Local Area Network
  2. The Quality of your Internet Connection
  3. Proper Design and installation of your new system

How do I choose the right solution for my business?

  • We start with a technology review and assessment of your goals and long-term objectives
  • Discuss benefits of Hosted, Cloud and Premise based solutions
  • Perform an internal and external network assessment to determine network readiness for VoIP implementation to ensure VoIP is technologically feasible for your business
  • Prepare initial recommendations and budgetary numbers
  • Perform system demo and review technology and network assessment findings
  • Make changes as determined during previous meeting and prepare final proposal
  • Present final proposal and determine next steps

A comprehensive and properly configured VoIP solution keeps you connected to your customers and colleagues, with clear communication and reliable connectivity improving customer service and operational efficiency.

For a free evaluation please contact us via email or call (303) 526-1154 in Denver or (719) 266-3774 in Colorado Springs.