Backups | Disaster Recovery


Backups, the one thing most businesses forget about. At TSI we don’t just make sure you have your files and folders backed up. While important, you also want to make sure that in the event of a complete hardware failure or natural disaster you can restore your servers without re-configuring the entire thing. Bare Metal Backup and Disaster Recovery solves this problem and TSI has the answers.

What is included in TSI Backups and Disaster Recovery Plan?

  • Bare metal restoration
  • Offsite Encrypted Backups
  • Restore files in less than 10 minutes
  • Restore entire servers in less than 4 hours*

With bare metal restore you are not having to pay thousands of dollars for someone to setup your Active Directory, Domain, or any other software configurations you would normally lose without this disaster recovery option. Its as simple as acquiring new hardware and restoring the backup to the machine. All of your files, configurations and settings are left intact as if nothing has happened.

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*Server restores are pending hardware being available to restore data to as well as amount of data being restored.