The best small business VoIP features

Small businesses have limited resources, and those who decide to invest in VoIP or other technology solutions must ensure they get the best small business VoIP features for their money.


Budget constraights

Every business owner understands expenditures must be made on a budget, so it can be difficult for companies to procure a new system with all the features they want. Decision makers identify, prioritize, and focus on the parts of a small business VoIP solution that fits their specific needs.


Best features

The National Federation of Independent Business published a list of the seven best VoIP features for small business.

These features might not be the “best” for every organization, many are universal and apply to many industries


The list includes:

  • Conference calling
  • Find me/Follow me
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Trackable phone numbers
  • Customer management
  • Chat sessions
  • Dual ring

Improved flexibility

These innovative features work well in SMB settings because they promote the flexibility many business owners need. The find me/follow me feature is a form of call forwarding that connects your office line to your mobile device. This is ideal for business owners who wear many hats at their organizations and are rarely tethered to one specific work station.


Everyone together

Conference calling promotes collaboration even if everyone can’t make it to one location for a meeting. Small businesses may lack the spending to bring all workers under one roof, but conference calling overcomes this challenge by bringing everyone together for a meeting anyway.


Better service

Customer service is crucial for all businesses, but particularly at for SMBs who rely on building healthy reputations through their service initiatives. Customer relationship management (CRM) is an important tool to improve service. Features like voicemail transcription and chat sessions improve message efficiency and facilitate faster response times.


Individual needs

The best VoIP system depends on the needs of company you own or manage. Think of your daily operations and the challenges you encounter consistently. Which VoIP features will help you overcome those challenges and meet your business goals?


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