Protecting your telecom solutions: What can you do to fight fraud and keep your systems more secure?

Corporate systems are becoming increasingly vulnerable in the information age, where more touchpoints give cyber criminals greater access to sensitive information. Protecting your computer systems and other assets is of the utmost importance, as is protecting your telecom solutions. Any system connected to the internet needs to be protected, and securing your telecommunications infrastructure can reduce the risk of having your correspondences and other information compromised.

Security is even more important in the small business realm. Small organizations and startups tend to lack the resources of their larger counterparts, which makes it much harder to overcome any sort of security breach. If your small business VoIP system is compromised, you could endure damages that you can’t recover from. The type of small business phone system you ultimately choose will play a significant role in your efforts to prevent these attacks.

It’s important to note that this is by no means a new development. In fact, the practice has gone on as long as phones have been around, evolving in conjunction with advancing telecommunications technology. A blog post on the Allworx website goes into greater detail.

“As a matter of background, attempted hacking of the phone networks in many forms has occurred for many decades,” the post says. “From phone phreaks to highly organized multi-national syndicates engaging in multi-million dollar toll fraud, the problem has been aggravating providers and their customers for many years. Carriers ultimately deal with these claims on behalf of their customers, and most have a separate department specifically to manage and prevent these malicious attacks.”

An Allworx phone system can help prevent fraudulent attacks because Allworx works closely with carriers to monitor any suspicious activity. One of the major concerns businesses have regarding their security is catching fraudulent activity immediately to reduce potential damage, which is why many organizations are trying to keep pace with changing fraudster behaviors. Allworx can do this by monitoring any activity in real-time and delivering solutions to prevent cyber attacks as they happen.