How do I check my voicemail on the Allworx Phone System?

You can check your voicemail on a Allworx phone a couple of different ways:

  1. Press the messages button on your handset


  1. Dial 6+ your extension from any other handset and follow either the visual display or the audio prompts.
  2. If Voicemail to Email is enabled you can have your voicemails sent directly to your email account for easy listening. (SMTP/Smart Host servers are sometimes required for delivery)

Voicemail Shortcuts:

*1 – Reply to this message

*2 – Forward this message

*3 – Delete this message

*4 – Replay this message

*5 – Play the previous message

*6 – Play the next message

*7 – Rewind the message 10 seconds

*8 – Fast Forward the message 10 seconds

*9 – Call back the user who left the voicemail

*# – Skip to the end of the message

For more information or for something you can print and keep by your desk, here is a link to a quick reference card.