Cloud computing can help your company go green

Going green is a goal shared by far more than just environmental activists. In fact, virtually every individual or organization has contributed in some way to help preserve the planet. On the business end, the environmental benefits are significant, but going green has other advantages as well, namely the reduction of energy expenses and, in some cases, the increased productivity that comes with efficient storage and management solutions. 

Take cloud based services, for example. The cloud allows you to store and manage documents and other data in a virtual environment offsite, which lowers energy usage at your office. This helps your facility's environmental standing, while also allowing you to save money on overhead costs and reduce inefficient operations. 

An article in the online publication Triple Pundit explains the simplicity of the cloud's impact on the environment. 

"A number of reasons help contribute to this low environmental impact. In general, cloud computing is a more sustainable approach to data storage than doing so locally because it calls upon a shared, centralized network," the article says. "By consolidating storage into a central hub, you eliminate the need for individual devices, such as hard drives and computers. And this means that those devices no longer have to be manufactured, powered, cooled or maintained. In summation, centralization leads to energy conservation. It really is that simple."

There are a number of government-backed initiatives geared at promoting green operations, and by investing in cloud computing you can not only help with this effort, you may be rewarded for your work through tax breaks and other incentives. Ultimately, the cloud is a very valuable solution for several reasons. Understanding these and leveraging your system to obtain the benefits it can provide will help you maximize that value.