How do you know it’s time to move to VoIP?

If you haven't upgraded your telecommunications solution to Voice over IP, it's time to do so. In today's increasingly unpredictable economic landscape, decision makers need information relevant to their specific business to support such a move, and chances are, there are plenty of issues currently prevalent at your company that could be improved with VoIP.

Here are a few reasons why now might be the best time to implement a small business VoIP system:

Your current features can't support your needs

Today's digital information world means your partners and customers want answers quickly and easily. Faster and better is the mantra of most paying customers, and if you cannot support this, your telecommunications solutions probably aren't adequate. Whether you need to connect with a customer to solve an urgent issue or collaborate with other workers to provide the best possible customer experience, your system will need to possess the necessary features to facilitate these operations.

Your phone bill is negatively impacting your bottom line

It's your executive team's responsibility to evaluate expenses and identify opportunities to lower costs. The bottom line drives most business decisions, and if you are using outdated systems, you could be overpaying for maintenance that would be less of a need in a newer, more innovative solution. Additionally, if your current telecommunications systems suffer from poor connectivity and slow transfers, the decline in efficiency and productivity could wind up hurting your company financially without you even realizing it.

Geography is hurting recruiting and productivity

To stay competitive in today's marketplace, businesses can't use traditional recruiting and collaboration strategies. Physical location isn't always important, as interviews and meetings don't necessarily require all participants to gather in the same room. The reason companies are able to interview candidates in another state or have meetings with partners and customers on the other side of the globe is because they have adequate technology at their disposal. An article on Wilmington Biz Insights addressed this.

"Businesses are no longer limiting talent searches to prospects living close enough to physically commute to the office," wrote Joey Stone, the article's author. "Technology today is such that there is no reason to lose out on the perfect candidate simply because he or she lives in Philadelphia and you are based in Manhattan. If legacy technology is keeping you from making the best hires for your company, business VoIP might be the way to go."

Businesses that understand these benefits and invest in VoIP technology will likely see quick, positive returns.